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如何在Mac OS X上讀寫NTFS格式的外置硬碟機/USB? (含疑難排解)

NTFS(New Technology File System)是一個由Microsoft發展標準文件系統,FAT32則是另一個常用的文件系統的例子。文件系統定義了數據(或文件)如何存儲於儲存裝置,或從儲存裝置中檢索及讀取。不過,在默認情況下Mac OS X只支持讀取NTFS,不能寫。雖然網路上有軟件可以啟用NTFS的寫入,但是其實,只要幾個簡單的步驟,便可以啟用,而且是完全免費!以下是完整的指南。

1. 打開工具 “Terminal“(終端).


  1. 通過在右上角的 “Spotlight” 或同時按 “Cmd + Space”(默認快捷鍵)一下,然後輸入“Terminal“。
  2. 另一種方法是打開“Finder“, “Go to Folder…”/Applications/Utilities你應該找到“Terminal”在那裡。
  3. 按“F4”鍵 >> 打開文件夾”Other” / “其他” >> 點擊 Terminal 的圖標



How to Read/Write External Hard Drive / USB with NTFS on Mac OS X? (with Troubleshooting)

NTFS (New Technology File System) is a file system developed by Microsoft. FAT32, which is also commonly used, is another example of file system. They define and control how the data, or files, are stored and retrieved from a storage drive. However, Mac OS X supports NTFS read only, but not write, by default. There are software that can enable NTFS write. Yet, it is easy and free to enable the access by a few steps. Here is a complete guide.

1. Open “Terminal“.

There are 3 ways to open terminal.

  1. Open it via “Spotlight” on the top-right comer or “Cmd + Space” (default short-cut key), and type “Terminal“.
  2. Another way is to open “Finder“, “Go to Folder…”/Applications/Utilitiesand you should find “Terminal” there.
  3. Press “F4” >> open folder “Other” >> click the icon of Terminal

A new Terminal window should be prompted out. If you are a geek, I believe you need it quite often, keep it in Dock now~