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I started downloading videos online, 8 or 9 years ago. I used to study the website source code and found out the direct link of the video. I saved lots of videos successfully. But it’s hard to do the same thing on Youtube (at least for me at that time.. when I was in secondary 1…). I looked for online downloader then and tried several sites. Yet, most of them are not available anymore, like kissyoutube. Some time later, I used JDownloader instead. Over the years, Youtube also keeps changing the video retrieving method and I doubt it brings some challenges to those downloaders. Recently, I reset my computer and I am lazy to reinstall JDownloader. So I look for online application again. I found then. It’s good because many online video downloaders only provide downloading video (without sound) or audio only. But helps you to combine both tracks so that you can download the video with sound directly. You can also choose the resolution of a video clip.

1. Paste the Video link

It supports YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Dailymotion etc. You may try any video link. And then click “Continue

Enter the Video URL

2. Choose Video Quality, File Name and File Format

  1. Select the Video Quality available. It automatically detects the available resolution. If there is 1080p, then you will see the option.
  2. Change the file name if you want.
  3. For file format, I usually select MP4. If you select MP3 / M4A / AAC, it will only give you audio.
  4. Click “Start!

PS. I think choosing different format doesn’t change the quality. I guess only the container is different but the compression is the sane. Just pick the one you are convenient to use.

Choose the Resolution, File Name, File Format

3. Wait for Conversion…

You may have to wait sometime.


4. Click “Download

You can download your video now! A QR code is also generated.

Download Now!

5. Done!





  1. ms khan is best alternative of, you can convert any youtube videos easily and save them to your pc or mobile in mp3, mp4 format. you don’t need to install anything. also provide youtube playlist download service and youtube video image thumbnail generator.

  2. Akshay Trank

    Nice, You can also try ytbconverter for downloading videos from YouTube, Twiter, Facebook and etc. While using this you don’t have to install any third-party extension.

  3. Web tech

    Nice Post, you can also use to convert and download youtube videos to aac, mp3, mp4, webm, mkv.


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