About Me…

Updated in 2016

Who am I?

I am Yumi Chan, a Computer Engineering student from Hong Kong. I like traveling and taking photos (but I am a beginner in photography) and, of course, computing and coding. I grasp lots of chances to join overseas exchange programs and study tours as my travel plans because I can spend less money (>_<). I have been to Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, and most famous countries in Europe, such as France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, England, Holland (Netherlands), Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and so on, and also small countries Luxembourg and Monaco. I was on exchange in Germany in 2015 Summer and had traveled alone in Europe for almost 3 weeks. It wasn’t so long but a good experience though.

My roles (now / past):

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Trainee
  • Computer Engineering student at HKUST
  • Tutor
  • Microsoft Girlspark Alumni
  • Back-packer / Coachsurfer

Why Computer?

Unlike other girls, I don’t think computer and programming are hard to learn and I feel excited when hearing terms like programming. When I was a kid, my father was interested in computer, so I could always get in touch with computers. My first taste of using a computer was in 1 or 2 years old maybe. I used to ask him to teach me how to use a computer and observe how he fixed them. But the time for me to get into the computer world was in primary 5. Website design was included in the syllabus of our computer class. I was deeply attracted as I could build whatever I like to create new possibilities or to solve a problem. It brings me surprise and a sense of success. So, I keep building websites until now and had worked as an IT technician during high school. I also tried lots of web applications like, WordPress, Discuz!, phpbb, osCommerce, etc. I might study part of the code to understand the mechanism and make some modification if I don’t like some features. Although my major program broadens my horizon in the industry, switching my interests from Web, it trained my logical thinking and gave me a passion in computers.

My Experience

  •  Finished an computer vision project using OpenCV (Final Year Project)
  • Over two year experience in programming embedded software via projects, competitions and internship
  • Joined some research-based projects and a competition

Favourite Quotes:

I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive.“, Albert Einstein

Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.“, Steve Jobs